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April 29: “I think we will all be injured or die”

April 30, 2010

(Videoclip: Bianca and two young Gaza women shot on April 24. Eva’s write up of the event here on her blog.)

That was Vik’s text to me last night. I have known vaguely that the agricultural borderland demonstrations of the last weeks have been responded to by the Israeli army with volleys of live ammunition, and I haven’t been able to face setting aside my textbooks to read the reports, because how the hell do I pick them up again?

So somehow, until yesterday, I missed that Bianca, the young woman who also studied at my University, had been shot in the leg while she was filming the young people dancing on their land last week – her camera continues rolling as she falls – with two other young women, Hind (22) and Nidal (18) shot in the same few minutes. This was in the Maghazi area – you might recall that’s where Head Nurse Khalid and his family live. Then yesterday 19 year old Ahmed died as a result of the explosive bullet used on him. And the last few weeks have been just as bad – he is the 9th unarmed protester to be shot by the IOF in less than 1 month.

Vik texted, “You know how we were shot at with the farmers when you were here? Our worst (most dangerous) day then is the best day now.” In response to my texts, Eva reassured me that Bianca was recovering and the ISM group was together discussing how they could continue to best support the courageous people of the Gaza borderland.

Why isn’t this on the news? I don’t know what to do any more than you do. If you want to buy a copy of Gaza: Beneath the Bombs to send to your election candidates – with a strongly worded letter of your own that the UK should be condemning Israel’s attacking unarmed civilians with live ammunition – and the stealing of their land in the first place – then you can have one for cost plus postage. Please leave a message below. Telling their stories is all I’ve got to offer the people I love, from so far away, and some days that just breaks my heart.

From the ISM website:

Gaza Buffer Zone Background

Regular popular demonstrations are being are held in protest of the arbitrary decision by Israel to instate a 300 metre buffer zone as no-go area for Palestinians where “shoot to kill” policy is implemented. People have been shot regularly as far as 2 kilometres away from the border. Between January 20th 2009 (end of Israel’s war of aggression) and December 31st 2009, 166 Israeli attacks killed 37 persons and injured 69.

The buffer zone effects over 30% of Gaza’s farmland, and also restricts Palestinian fishermen to 3 nautical miles offshore. These restrictions severely impact the Gazan economy, with more than 675,000 (45%) now below the official poverty line and 325,000 (21%) unable to meet basic food needs.

You’re invited to our London night, May 26

April 26, 2010

The Palestine Monologues

We’re delighted to announce that Gaza: Beneath the Bombs is having a night out in London, where we’ve linked up with community artist Claire Pouget Wright, for an evening with all sorts of things happening. Check it out on Linked In and Facebook.

It will run 6.30-9.30 at the Goldsmith’s University Student Union, and involve an exhibtion of Claire’s creations, book readings and signings from us, and then a performance of The Palestine Monologues. This piece “explores the day-to-day experiences of life under Israeli occupation, and also highlights some of the turning points individuals have had, when they have seen past the dominant and conflicting narratives perpetuating the conflict.”

Claire is an artist and contemporary jeweller doing her final research project in partnership with Voices Beyond Walls, a participatory youth media organisation, to deliver and evaluate their 2010 summer programme, taking place in the West Bank and Gaza. The fundraiser aims to cover the basic costs to carry out this project such as materials, travel etc. (more…)

April: Next month, Free Gaza sails again!

April 15, 2010

Our four boats are purchased or refurbished, flagged and registered. The cargo ship is now named the MV Rachel Corrie with the blessing of the Corrie family. Children in Gaza and the occupied West Bank will name the other two boats, and we will let you know what they chose.

We are hard at work collecting the cargo… cement, books for children and universities, paper for printing books, water filtration equipment, and medical equipment, all being denied the people of Gaza by Israel’s brutal blockade….

The Free Gaza Movement calls on communities, schools, hospitals, trade unions and families across Ireland and the world to sponsor bags of cement and school supplies to send to Gaza. They will be loaded onto our Irish cargo ship, the MV Rachel Corrie, as part of an international flotilla of ships sailing to Gaza in May.

Just €5 will pay for a bag of cement to help the people of Gaza rebuild, supporting the Palestinian people and their refusal to be broken despite a devastating siege and Occupation. €5 for a bag of cement (or €10 for two bags, €20 for four bags, €100 for 20 bags) or €10 for a school/sports bag.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza is in its third year, and virtually no reconstruction materials have been allowed into the Gaza Strip, which is still in ruins after Israel’s massive onslaught in Dec/Jan 2009 which killed over 1,400 Palestinians, almost 400 of them children.

At least 11,000 houses, 105 factories, 20 hospitals and clinics, 159 schools, universities, playschools and technical institutions were either damaged or destroyed and are still in ruins. Over 20,000 people were driven from their homes – many still living in tents.

Israel has also banned books, paper, pens and school supplies, and we plan to deliver them along with messages of solidarity to the children of Gaza. For €10, you can sponsor a school bag filled with school supplies to support children struggling to study under siege.
John Ging, the Director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency told reporters in March 2010: ‘I have no cement or steel or iron. We can’t get in one bag of cement, one pane of glass… to actually begin that reconstruction.’

This May, The Free Gaza Movement is answering the call for help by sending a flotilla of boats carrying building supplies, humanitarian relief, and human rights defenders from across the world to Gaza.

The flotilla is made up of a coalition of organisations- from Turkey, Greece, Malaysia, Belgium, Sweden, Indonesia and Ireland, and will set sail in mid May to challenge the illegality of the siege of Gaza and devastating occupation of Palestine. Help us support the Palestinians’ right to rebulid their lives.
You can wire your donations to the Bank of Ireland, 32 south Mall, Cork, Republic of Ireland, Acct #41818255, Sort Code 902768, IBAN #, IE58BOFI90276841818255. BIC# BOFIIE2D

If you have questions, please email: or

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