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Go Emily! Go Tristan!

July 26, 2010

Emily and her specialty arty eye wear

Resistance is the secret of joy. Alice Walker said it and – while she also said “everything we love can be saved” and I still feel mad at her for that cos however way you look at it that is heartbreakingly not true – sometimes, sometimes, I believe the one about resistance. It looks like Emily does too. Still attached to FreeGaza twitter texts, I have just followed a link to discover 21 year old Jewish-American Emily, whose eye the Israeli army removed with a tear gas cannister last month, singing the cheerfulest blues I’ve heard in a long time about the whole thing, on her own blog, Thirsty Pixels. (more…)

Gaza Freedom Flotilla: This is who we lost

July 3, 2010

Killed: Cengiz Aky├╝z, 41, with a surviving daughter

Lawrence of Cyberia has rounded some pictures and a handful of sentences about those who Israel killed when they attacked the Freedom Flotilla. This is who we lost. Lawrence also contrasted Israel’s pictures of “weapons” found on the Mavi Marmara with “Picture of weapons found during a cursory search of my kitchen and basement.” Sums it up perfectly.

July 2: All decommissioners NOT GUILTY!

July 2, 2010

Smash EDO Press Release: 2 July 11am

Press Contact: Andrew Beckett or Simon Marsh

07526557436, 07722953180

Hove Crown Court, Brighton UK

Final two Decommissioners Found NOT GUILTY!

The jury in the trial of seven activists who decommissioned a Brighton arms factory to prevent Israel war crimes in Gaza in January 2009, have now found all seven activists not guilty of Conspiracy to Cause Criminal Damage by unanimous verdict in Hove Crown Court. (more…)