Freedom Sailors

On August 23rd 2012, on the anniversary of the day we arrived to Gaza, a book
will be launched telling the story of how it all happened: “Freedom Sailors”.
Greta, one of the founders of Free Gaza, has subtitled it “how we got to Gaza
in spite of ourselves” and that pretty much sums it up.

I’ve been one of those who contributed some of the text, and I’ve just been
reading my advance copy through – it makes me both laugh and cry, cliche though that is. But don’t just take my word for it – Noam Chomsky says “a riveting account of one of the great moments of nonviolent resistance”, and Alice Walker says something more poetic, less succinct, but just as complimentary!

I’m now taking orders for copies in the UK; leave a message below if you’d like to order any. All the books sold worldwide raise money for the Gaza Community Mental Health Project. They are one of Free Gaza’s original ‘hosts’ who do brilliant work that all who visit Gaza are impressed by – you can see more about them here:

Personally I feel that I’m no longer the most useful guest speaker cos I’ve kind of done the circuit and haven’t recently been in Palestine, but if you think I can turn up with copies of the new book and add anything to your event anytime over the next year by wearing my “Freedom Sailor” hat (beret?), I’ll gladly come – just leave a message here via the comments section below.

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