You’re invited to our London night, May 26

The Palestine Monologues

We’re delighted to announce that Gaza: Beneath the Bombs is having a night out in London, where we’ve linked up with community artist Claire Pouget Wright, for an evening with all sorts of things happening. Check it out on Linked In and Facebook.

It will run 6.30-9.30 at the Goldsmith’s University Student Union, and involve an exhibtion of Claire’s creations, book readings and signings from us, and then a performance of The Palestine Monologues. This piece “explores the day-to-day experiences of life under Israeli occupation, and also highlights some of the turning points individuals have had, when they have seen past the dominant and conflicting narratives perpetuating the conflict.”

Claire is an artist and contemporary jeweller doing her final research project in partnership with Voices Beyond Walls, a participatory youth media organisation, to deliver and evaluate their 2010 summer programme, taking place in the West Bank and Gaza. The fundraiser aims to cover the basic costs to carry out this project such as materials, travel etc.

Claire writes:

“Voices Beyond Walls have been running projects in the West Bank since 2006 – you can see some of the youth films on their site – but they’re at a transitional point in that they are looking to work in Gaza for the first time this year and they are looking to push the organisation forward from a research point of view. That’s why it’s useful for me to come in and evaluate their work with an outside perspective as well as benefiting my own practice and research interests.

My MA project studies the role of community art practice in areas of conflict and my specific area of interest is the impact of ‘outsider’ interventions and their interface with the lives of ‘insiders’ – the communities on the receiving end.”

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2 Responses to You’re invited to our London night, May 26

  1. Joe says:

    Really wish it was possible I could attend. But as I don’t live in the UK and, due to my funds being so short this year, I just don’t have any spare money for travel.
    In any case, I sincerely hope “…a night out in London…” turns out to be a roaring success.

    • talestotell says:

      Thank you for being so supportive! I’m not sure where you’re based, but if you wanted to arrange your own event with a local bookshop, you’re very welcome (of course if you’re not somewhere primarily English speaking that is trickier, though we’re starting to look into translations…) But since there are obviously lots of places I can’t get to myself, I’ll just go into a little more detail about that possibility in case any readers out there want to try it…
      Here, local bookshops seem to be glad to order copies in and do some promotion, and then we back that up through local Palestine solidarity groups, and we or the bookshop provide tea and snacks or whatever. Then the event itself is mostly just some readings from the book and taking questions – if you don’t feel capable of dealing with the questions, maybe you could find a local Palestinian resident or visitor, or local solidarity activist, who could do that bit. Also we tend to make the audience do some of the readings so they don’t get bored of our voices 🙂 We try to intersperse some of the tougher readings with some of the more light-hearted ones.

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