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January 2010 – Anniversary Actions

January 6, 2010

Click here to see only a little of what went on in the UK to commemorate the 08/09 attacks on Gaza… (more…)

Jan 6: Viva Palestina aid reaches Gaza!

January 6, 2010

…and some, but not all, of the convoy members have made it in as well. Towards the end of Yousef’s interviews below, I’m delighted to see Free Gaza‘s Caoimhe has made it back in – she’s been out doing solidarity work ever since we both left in May.

Egypt refused to let any of the convoy into Cairo, so it re-routed to go the long way round, via Syria then directly to Al Arish, where 60 members of the convoy were injured yesterday in attacks by Egyptian police. (more…)

Free Gaza/TalesToTell on Electronic Intifada

January 4, 2010

The latest batch of articles from Electronic Intifada features two new releases arising from the work of the Free Gaza Movement.
The first is an interview with Sharyn Lock about her work with Free Gaza, the time she has spent in Gaza, particularly during the 22 days of bombing and invasions during “Operation Cast Lead,” and the TalestoTell blog and book which came from her experiences. You can read more here.
The second article, by Asa Winstanley, is a review of Aki Nawaz’ film To Gaza With Love, a documentary made for the Iranian Press TV which tells some of the story of Free Gaza’s blockade-breaking boat trips from Cyprus to Gaza in 2008. Read more here.

Download Gaza film for Jan 18 Global Screening

January 3, 2010

January 18 will be a Global Screening Day for my mates Alberto Arce and Mohammed Rujailah’s film, covering the international presence in Gaza under the Dec/Jan attack, including what the emergency workers faced. It’s called “To Shoot An Elephant” and is their own editing of their footage that became the film “Erased: Wiped off the Map” about the attacks on Gaza (which includes brief footage of our group in the apartment as I was writing my post “Tuesday night by the Sea” on Dec 31 08 during the attacks.)

Click here to read Alberto’s and Moh’s Screening Announcement – it’s not too late to join in and screen the film yourself in your town, just visit, where you can also see the English trailer. Since you can download it, your screening could even just be held in your own living room on January 18.

Jan 1: Mary & Hedy on hungerstrike

January 3, 2010

Mary and Hedy on hungerstrike in Cairo (pic from

My lovely friends Mary and Hedy (herself a holocaust survivor) from the Free Gaza movement are both in the Freedom March trying to reach Gaza. They, and I believe 30 others, are now on hungerstrike, demanding Egypt allow the humanitarean convoy to travel to Gaza. Demonstrations are being held by participants at the Israeli embassy and others and at the UN. Follow Mary and Hedy at and the Freedom March here – video coverage is uploaded daily.