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Babies in the Basement

Here are three of the babies in the Jabalia house basement. Their mamas are too shy to be on the web, but they’d like you to meet their children…

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Dec 30/31: Tuesday night by the sea

Last night was a hectic scramble to get to our Jabalia house soon after dark; the further into the night, the greater the danger. On Sunday night, other commitments had delayed us, and then over the phone the family said … Continue reading

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Israel rams FreeGaza boat

Read the story here… See the damage here… And here’s Israel’s comedy explanation: “According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the captain of the aid boat carrying several journalists attempted to evade one of the Israeli missile ships. The Israeli ship … Continue reading

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Dec 29: Attacks last night

This will be hurried as very short collision of internet, electricity, and me, before we have to head for our night time locations before dark. Last night my group went to Al Awda hospital in order to be in the … Continue reading

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Dec 28: Tonight’s plans

8.05pm. Explosions begin again near to us and Al Shifa hospital here in Gaza city… The Rafah three are there continuing to document; we have heard that Palestinians have got through the border to Egypt, and it has been confirmed … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Jabalia

Sunday December 28, 5.30am, Jabalia In the basement, the family begins the night at their allotted sleeping spaces, but as the hours pass, draw closer together until women and children are huddled together in a pile of blankets. The women … Continue reading

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3pm from Gaza city

I was at home beside the small Gaza port, eating a bread and jam breakfast, when the rockets began to fall at about 11am. Six or seven deafening explosions occured not far from my building, which rocked from the impact, … Continue reading

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