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May 25: Back home in England

May 25, 2009
Mona Sammouni with someone she loves that was saved

Mona Samouni - both parents lost, but still someone to love

I’m back in the UK. It is nearly a year since I left here to be part of making the FreeGaza project happen, pretty much expecting to end up in Israeli prison – the one thing that didn’t happen! Instead, we reached Gaza and it became inextricably part of my life. I don’t really have the words to thank you all, old friends and new both, for the emotional, financial and political support you have given both me and my Gaza friends over this year. (more…)

April 16: Visiting Al Assria Cultural Centre

May 8, 2009
Right to Return mural in Al Assria Centre, Jabalia camp

Right to Return mural in Al Assria Centre, Jabalia camp

In one of my last Gaza days I went to visit the Union of Health Work Committee‘s Al Assria Cultural Centre . I’d meant to get there ages ago, on request of Sheffield Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, who have been supporting various projects Al Assria have run for years now, but the Israeli attacks had gotten in the way. (more…)

April 20: Kafka’s Border

May 2, 2009
Rafah Border: the wrong side of the fence

Rafah Border: the wrong side of the fence

This is an excerpt from a post I wrote in September 2008…

The outdoor restaurant overlooking the sea has been nicknamed “Casablanca without the alcohol” by Dr Bill. Here, we internationals and Palestinians alike sit, looking out over the moonlit water, sharing argeelah and rumours about the Rafah border. Will it open? If so, when? And for who? People tell each other about what documents they have obtained, what connections they have made, which consulate may be arranging a visa for them.They show pictures of the husbands, wives, children, lovers who are waiting in other lands. (more…)

April: Kids on wheels in Jabalia & other farewells

April 22, 2009


Here again are the children of our Jabalia friends, one of the many lovely families I spent last week saying goodbye to. The wheelchair belongs, not to any of the kids thank goodness, but to the father of the oldest boy, who lacks both legs, yet continues to tackle life with humour and enthusiasm. It made me smile to watch them use the chair for their games. But it reminded me of something I saw recently; two young friends, boys of about 12, going down the street side by side. One was on his bike, the other in his motorised wheelchair. This is Gaza. (more…)

April 13: Living in the real world

April 13, 2009
EJ's medic notebook - I guess involving Posh Spy and Sporty Spy?

EJ's medic notebook - I guess involving Posh Spy and Sporty Spy?

When we began our first level medic course here in Khan Younis Red Crescent after the Israeli attacks, we found a lot of black humour in the training slides, developed in America, which their authors were probably unaware of. The smiling medic pairs, wheeling Aryan children – sitting up and looking unaccountably cheerful – into shiny ambulances, seemed like some sort of sick joke. (more…)

April 11: Disarming by direct action

April 12, 2009
L with her broken foot from fleeing gunfire, & youngest child

L with her broken foot from fleeing gunfire, & youngest child

Last night I was playing chess in the shisha cafe across from Al Quds Red Crescent, where I am sure to find a familiar face and where they seem to have got over me being a girl in amongst the shebab, when I got a text from the south. “Our friends J and L were trying to fix the asbestos sheeting on their farmhouse roof in Faraheen today…” it began. (more…)

April 9: Art in the ruins

April 10, 2009
by Shareef Sarhan

by Shareef Sarhan

In my last post, I told you about the photo exhibition in the middle building (which I tend to call the Social Centre, possibly because someone told me it was called that) of the Al Quds Red Crescent hospital complex. And last week you heard about the concert held in the ruins of the third building (which for the sake of argument we will call the Cultural Centre) which held the theatre and a children’s space and is so badly damaged it must be demolished. Now, also as part of the World Health Day commemorations, three artists are displaying their work in this same theatre building, art that is a response to the Israeli attacks on hospitals and medical workers. (more…)