April 15: Farewell to our comrade and Gaza’s brother

Thank you Eva for writing what I can’t; a goodbye for Vik. Last night, my friend Kathleen drew this copyleft image. We always thought Vik had a bit of a Che look about him; he makes a good icon, doesn’t he. For some reason, my Skype contacts have a “call me!” message from Vik stuck permanently under “today” – which appears every day. This makes me laugh – even today – because he hated answering the phone above all things and would spend some time swearing at it before picking it up. I think I’ll leave the message there, just to give me the idea that somehow, if I really wanted to, I could.

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7 Responses to April 15: Farewell to our comrade and Gaza’s brother

  1. Sara says:

    Sending very much love and solidarity, to you and all who knew and loved him xx

  2. Sarah Irving says:

    And here:
    are pictures by Nader from the demonstrations in Gaza City against Vik’s murder. Thanks Nader.

  3. Iman says:

    Restiamo Umani Vik!

  4. opt2007 says:

    thank you leila, as you share his humour and quirkness. ah fankoora, mushkila…
    love you

  5. Dennis Hickson says:

    I don’t think I have ever read anything that has touched me so much as the horrible killing of this brave individual.

    Vettorio Arrigoni RIP

  6. orybal says:

    I liked this post. Thanks

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