UK decommisioners: Verdict soon…

From the Smash EDO anti-militarist Campaign in Brighton, UK:

The trial of eight anti-war activists, who decommissioned a Brighton weapons factory (EDO MBM) during the Israeli attacks on Gaza in 2009, is drawing to a close. The jury is expected to be sent out early this week (Starting June 27th) after closing speeches.

The first half of the trial saw the managing director of EDO MBM/ITT Paul Hills quizzed on the stand for five and half days about his company’s role in arming the Israeli Air force and his alleged complicity in war crimes.

The defendants are not seeking to deny their role in actively damaging the factory and putting the production line out of action. (They are alleged to have caused nearly £200,000 of damage and shut the factory down for several days) They have consistently said that they felt that their actions on the night of January 16th 2009 were a necessary and legal response to the war atrocities taking place in Gaza at that time.

The defendants’ evidence included eyewitness testimony from trainee midwife Sharyn Lock, who was present as an international activist in Gaza throughout Operation Cast Lead. She closed her evidence by saying that she had no doubt that those who armed the Israeli airforce ‘had the blood of children on their hands’

Should the decommissioners be found guilty, they are likely to be facing prison time of possibly five to eight years. One defendant, Elijah Smith, has been jailed since the action itself – 18 months ago – and remains incarcerated,

Please spread the word about this peoples’ intervention in preventing war crimes and attacks on civilians in Palestine.

Please support the EDO MBM Decommissioners.

For more on the trial – Press Pack

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