No word from Rachel Corrie folks yet

Above: Jenny tells us who’s onboard, and why

Irish couple Derek and Jenny, who posted to her own blog at IrishinGaza until she sailed, plus the rest of the crew, have not been allowed to speak to the FreeGaza lawyers in Israel or make any other contact out yet. Today the Guardian (who’ve collected an admirably thorough coverage) have an article entitled “Gaza flotilla attack: a week that changed Middle East politics“. Today’s Independent also has excellent coverage on the survivors version of events, confirming again that the Israeli attack involved firing on the boat from the army boats and helicopters before soldiers boarded (with reports of one person killed directly from the helicopter with a shot through the top of his head.) It also posted a message directly from Derek as the Rachel Corrie attempted her trip. And thank goodness, various media are actually telling Gaza’s story too.

Finally, somewhere in today’s paper version of the Independent – though I can’t seem to find it online yet – I read speculation that this may be a turning point for Israel considering letting an International peace-keeping presence onto the scene – something Palestinians have begged for for years. Insha’allah. And Henning Mankell, and my mate Alex are only two of many passengers saying the Flotilla will go again, with more boats…it must. Gaza remains in desperate need.

Apparently somewhere between 3 and 6 passengers are still missing. Which may be linked to reports that Israeli soldiers threw 4 of the wounded into the sea.

Alex’s mother wryly pointed at that since everyone’s belongings were stolen when they were imprisoned, Israel now has hundreds of spare passports to hand…should they need them for their Mossad chaps.

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