Message from survivor Osama Q

From film-maker Osama Qashoo, June 3 2010:

Dear All

Your love and energy kept us
strong all the way through
to face the ugly face of hate,
death and injustice

I am back again
and tonight I saw the story for the first time on TV.
I was not aware that you could see us
as we did not know that people were watching us live…
and we are sooooooooo glad that
our media strategy worked to
reveal the ugly face of Israel

I have not much internet but a quick update
and to let you know we made the first phone call
to organising this time 20 ships soon to leave to Palestine

I lost two friends who we buried today and my priority is to get the injured sorted and many other things. My phone and all my belongings were stolen,
including money and passports,
by Israel so I have nothing left sooooo
please send me your mobile numbers.

I was used as a human shield and beaten loads,
escaped bullets but am ok and ¨normal ¨
– what ever that means

I can’t remember all the emails so can you please send wide
to those who were asking after me
I will not have internet for 3 days
and I have not read the 700 new emails
so am just reading the news and the emails
but it will take time to get back to all of you.

Yours in struggle
and please remember our ten martyrs
and over 50 injured
and all of us on board
We wanted to break the siege
And that should be the only price
that we should all accept for the blood spilled.

Yours in struggle
Osama xx

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