June 2 11pm: Waiting

Ewa managed to phone a friend from prison today. She sounded ok, and she’s resisting deportation in solidarity with those who may not be so easily released (see press release below). Still no word about Alex or Theresa or Caoimhe or Osama, except a rumour that Theresa was badly beaten. Also word that two more friends, one Greek, one American, both FreeGaza original journey folks that I didn’t even know were on the boats, have been beaten. Will write some more tomorrow. I went back to catch up on my missing hospital hours for some of today – and delivered my first baby solo. I don’t think Ewa will like this pic much, but I do. I took it while she, Caoimhe, Eva and I were in medic class in Gaza. We’d just immobilised Eva on an ambulance backboard, and Ewa took the opportunity to drink Eva’s coffee. That’s why she’s looking so cheeky.

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2 Responses to June 2 11pm: Waiting

  1. Mary Hughes-Thompson says:

    Caoimhe is in Istanbul.
    Love, Mary
    ps: how’s the baby?

  2. talestotell says:

    Thank goodness! Bless you Mary, how you are finding time to read my blog I can’t imagine! Do we need to try to find some more volunteers to help the land team out? The baby is very cute, as is the wont of babies. Life goes on, huh.

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