Caoimhe’s ok…and people are reading…

Mary from the FreeGaza land team says she’s in Istanbul, where Israel is sending a lot of people whether they live there or not. I know they’ll be looked after there. Hopefully Queen Rania will be taking care of the ones being dumped over the Israeli controlled border to Jordan! Sarah discovered yesterday that Amazon’s 8th best-selling book under “Israel:history” is ours. I’ve been looking for something to cheer me up, and that helped, because I guess that means that there are people thinking – “what the hell’s going on with Israel and Gaza? I don’t feel like I know much. I might buy a book to try and understand better.”

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7 Responses to Caoimhe’s ok…and people are reading…

  1. Mary Hughes-Thompson says:

    Caoimhe wasn’t on any of the boats. We tried to get on the CHALLENGER at several ports in Southern and Northern Cyprus, but were denied by the Cypriot authorities. I came to the Free Gaza press office in Larnaca, and Caoimhe went to Isranbul to help at the I.H.H. office. This happened just a few hours before the attack on our boats.

  2. talestotell says:

    Aha! Right, I’m going to let a few worried people know that right now. Sending you much love…and even more to the Rachel Corrie crew.

  3. bla says:

    dear writer. its an interesting blog u write. but honestly – maybe you really should read more books about the israelian and palestinian history before writing and posting. don’t forget, that every story has a different point of view depending to the viewer. so this is your view – but maybe the israelian soldiers do have another one. please next time: ask them about their point of view. and maybe you get told a story which makes you think! stop hating… stop doing all this propaganda… stop it and maybe there will be a better solution for all sides.

    • talestotell says:

      I don’t actually hate anyone – probably because I can’t help but follow the example of the Israeli and Palestinian folks I work with – after all, if they have learnt how not to hate, how can I do less? Though I do hate certain behaviour, such as the attacking of civilians. Every time I’ve seen Israeli soldiers, they’ve either been in tanks, or pointing guns at me. I do always attempt to communicate with them at that point, but their training seems to be not to engage; they don’t reply.

      I wonder, does writing about what I see with my own eyes, count as propaganda? I don’t actually know what the precise definition is. (thanks to the other person who answered bla’s post, only just saw your answer, appreciate it!)

  4. Peter Olford says:

    the last I saw of Caoimhe she was waving on the stern of the Rachel Corrie about to depart but for where?

    • talestotell says:

      It took me until yesterday to find the answer to that – the thing about Coaimhe (and Ewa) is they get all over the place. She was indeed there when the Rachel Corrie was launched, but then she zipped off to do other flotilla related things, planning to get on board the Challenger 1 in Cyprus. However, as you may have seen, Cyprus refused to let the Challenger into its sea. So Caoimhe and also Mary were unable to get onboard. Mary went to volunteer with the European land team, and Caoimhe went to be a link person with the IHH in Istanbul. So both are safe. (I have wondered if either has any designs on the Rachel Corrie though…)

  5. and blah says:

    bla, if you read this back on this blog you would know that it comes from a postion of anything but hate, but in fact a position of love for people, whether trapped in their homes under fire, or their oppressive roles; it comes from a position of love for justice, for a better world for ALL, for security and understanding for ALL.

    Personally myself, I may be less understanding – if a soldier or a police officer has a personal view, and feelings, but they are happy to wield their gun or baton when the order comes, then they I feel are choosing their role over their humanity.

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