May 31: 4.15am – Israeli firing on peace ships

My god, Israel has lost it. There is live streaming at of Israel firing on the IHH Turkish charity ship with hundreds of volunteers. The twitter message is that they’re being boarded by commandos from helicopters who are taking over the ship, that 2 passengers are dead and 30 are wounded. THEY ARE UNARMED AND IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS. I’m trying to think of what best to do – it’s four in the morning and I can’t even get a train anywhere yet. There will be demos in response and I’ll do my best to get some press. English coverage will be at I will probably not get to post again for a bit, but you don’t need me… please WATCH, SPEAK OUT AND ACT now. with love and rage.

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3 Responses to May 31: 4.15am – Israeli firing on peace ships

  1. Mary Hughes-Thompson says:

    In Cyprus where we have lost all contact with the boats. It seems to be true that the IDF has attacked and that there are deaths and many wounded. Wish you were here with us.
    Love from Eliza, Greta and me.

    • talestotell says:

      I wish I was there too. Keep considering chucking the degree and getting on a plane (both pretty serious steps!) Thanks for being so helpful today under such stress. I hope you guys get some sleep tonight, yet it doesn’t feel likely at my end so I doubt you will. Did I spot David Schmemerhorn and Kathy Sheetz alive and walking on the clip just released? Also, is Fathi amongst the passengers? Waiting with you for news of all those we love.

  2. James Wiegert says:

    Dear Sharyn,

    Please note that English coverage of the FREEGAZA flotilla is at and NOT at . The latter is a webpage of advertisements.

    James Wiegert

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