Live footage from 4am

…this is what I was watching as it happened during the night, it hasn’t appeared to this extent much on the web, there is some Arabic and Turkish but it is interspersed with English, and finishes with orders in Hebrew from the boarding soldiers.
“Despite the white flag being raised, the Israeli army is still shooting…”
“This is an important announcment: please, go back to your cabins, take your seats…do not show resistance…they are using live ammunition…we have lost control of the ship.”

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2 Responses to Live footage from 4am

  1. Diane Conti-Tuncay says:

    Zionists will now pay in spades for this aggression.

  2. talestotell says:

    Dear Diane, I am so sorry about the deaths of your countryfolk. I believe the majority are Turkish, though none of us can get any info or contact with the people on the boats, and I am not clear if all deaths and injuries were confined to the front Turkish boat or included the others. The Red Cross in Israel is trying to find out more and has said that it will inform other Red Cross headquarters as soon as it knows anything.

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