Download Gaza film for Jan 18 Global Screening

January 18 will be a Global Screening Day for my mates Alberto Arce and Mohammed Rujailah’s film, covering the international presence in Gaza under the Dec/Jan attack, including what the emergency workers faced. It’s called “To Shoot An Elephant” and is their own editing of their footage that became the film “Erased: Wiped off the Map” about the attacks on Gaza (which includes brief footage of our group in the apartment as I was writing my post “Tuesday night by the Sea” on Dec 31 08 during the attacks.)

Click here to read Alberto’s and Moh’s Screening Announcement – it’s not too late to join in and screen the film yourself in your town, just visit, where you can also see the English trailer. Since you can download it, your screening could even just be held in your own living room on January 18.

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