Freedom March to Gaza: Egypt, let them in!

Dec 27 in Cairo city centre (pic from

You can see the breaking news on the Gaza Freedom March here…
I just spotted that Hedy (American Holocaust Survivor) from our FreeGaza boats is on it too, bless her… hope I have her energy at 85!

I got a few determined texts from my friend A (aiming for 6 months in Gaza doing the kind of thing I did) yesterday, the anniversary of the first day of last year’s Gaza attacks; she, Italian Vik from our original gang who’s been outside on his European Gaza book tour, and about 1300 other Freedom March participants were in the centre of Cairo last night, demanding to be allowed to enter Gaza.

The Egyptian government has said no buses will be allowed to take them to Al Arish, the nearest town to Gaza’s Rafah border (some participants are already waiting there though.) And the Viva Palestina convoy (part of the larger Freedom March) still haven’t been allowed into Egypt at all…

On the march is kit for my medic mates, bought under the Defend the Rescuers banner by Liverpool folks, that they are trying to get in, plus surgical kit for the Mobile International Surgical Team who regularly get in to mend people but can’t get all their kit in the “legit” (ha) route. And’s that just what I know about.

The march’s planned entry date to Gaza is Dec 31, three days away…. visit the above website to see how you can back them to get there – and thanks to those who are already putting pressure on the Egyptian government.

Here’s a 5 minute video clip about the Freedom March:

Between a Rock and a Hard Place Preview 1.1 from Maurice Jacobsen on Vimeo.

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