Defend the Rescuers

Some of us are currently working on setting up a blog called Defend the Rescuers, as part of  a new International Campaign of Solidarity with Palestinian Emergency Workers. It’s a work-in-progress but I wanted to tell you about it. You can see what emergency workers face in Gaza in the following short film, “One of…” made by Emad Badwan, which won the World Health Day Short Film Competition. It features footage taken by my colleague Alberto of the shooting of medic Hassan, with a voice over by my colleague Eva.

Emad asks us the question – What if it was “one of” your family that needed emergency help, or whose work it was to try to deliver this help? This is 22 days telescoped into a few minutes. This is what we witnessed.

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2 Responses to Defend the Rescuers

  1. morris says:

    Here is an ex Israeli in London talking about AIPAC and aza etc.

  2. Anne Beckett says:

    Thanks for all of the great work you do.

    Maybe, one day, our politicoes WILL have enough of Israel and AIPAC? I know I have had enough. I know a LOT (more) Americans have had enough. Let’s hope he will hear our voices and the hearts of the people of Gaza and ALL of Palestine.

    Israel is a criminal devil!

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