April 20: a world without bullet holes

…after two days at the border, I managed to exit Gaza via Rafah into Egypt. I feel a bit stunned at the shinyness of this world outside. Give me a day or two to adjust, and I hope to share some final Gaza writing with you.

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4 Responses to April 20: a world without bullet holes

  1. A Vawda says:

    hi hope u well i’ve been reading all your posts but just didn’t get time to comment some were very intresting and others made me cry like todays one has made my heart pain i feel like my connection to gaza is cut hope to hear from you always and hope we all can meet in a free gaza one day soon.may you reach your destination safely

  2. mr lee. says:

    hey lady.glad you are safe. sorry you have left where you most want to be though. we all have big hugs waiting for you! float by soon. mr lee xxx

  3. Tom says:

    Hope you’ve got some friends there with you to chew over the shift, that and a good supply of sheesha (sorry Nav).

    Both are available up here by the beach when you get back 🙂

  4. Jane Jewell says:

    Glad you got into Egypt safely, I wish you a safe journey back to UK.
    Let us all know when you get home OK.

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