Rama writes about the FreeGaza Play Space


Rama is going to be the link person between Norwich Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the FreeGaza Play Space in Samoud Camp in Jabalia. She wrote the following after our first visit to the play space on March 6…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to meet those nice people, just like you are, you don’t know how much I was happy yesterday in the playspace.

It was my first time after the war on Gaza to get out to the destroyed area. As the car was getting nearer, my heart beats so quickly. I was shocked for the scenes appeared in front of my eyes. You only see mountains of stones spread in the area making you think this distruction is like the sea, it has no clear horizon or limit..

As we arrived to the play space tents, The kids were waiting for us when we came out of the car and in that moment I had a strange feeling. The space was like the heaven in the middle of fire.. it is very simple but it was another world.

The kids entered the tents and the counselors started with a simple game which was clap-jump-hands up-hands down and the kids were jumping very high!! they are full of energy which made me feel very delighted!!

they played another game with a ball, it was good..

then, the kids were asked a question.. what the fear means to you? the answers varied between darkness, tanks’ sounds, falling rockets, dying by the soliders,…

then they started telling their stories about what happened with them and their families during the war. One of the girls said: ” when they said that the troops will enter our area by tanks, no one could sleep. It was the longest night we ever had. There was no electricty, no lights, there was nothing but the sound of the rockets and bombing around us. Dad said that we should read Quran and pray and that’s what we did all the night!! I couldn’t close my eyes and couldn’t stand up. It a was very frightening night. In the morning, Dad said we’re going to leave our house and go to our uncle’s house because it is safer. Dad and my brother carried white flags and we followed them. Even though, the tanks did not stop firing on us and we started running.” Another girl commented: “We also left our house carrying the white flags and they were shooting but we ran faster than the ambulances!! ”

I felt I want to cry and hug those little bodies. If you heard them, you’d wish to carry them between your arms. However, when they tell the stories, you feel that they are very strong and this is a normal thing. They laugh, play, speak loudly and strongly.

Between the stories, the kids had some entertaining games.

I would never forget this day. The playspace is helping these kids to speak and tell the other kids around the world about their life and suffering.

this play space is giving them the opportunity to have a normal kids’ life even for 2 hours…


Rama meets project co-ordinator Mohammed

Rama meets project co-ordinator Mohammed

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One Response to Rama writes about the FreeGaza Play Space

  1. LFB says:

    this is great news, and will be a wonderful encouragement both for the children and also for the ‘link’ – we support you at this distance, and spread the word.
    It also means that when we write to politicians we have facts to tell them, not simply our outrage at the way things are.

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