Jan 21: Three emails

Medic Hassan (who was shot) on duty in Jabalia - photo by Mohammad N

Medic Hassan (who was shot) on duty in Jabalia - photo by Moh the Gazan

From my email…

Subject: Help Request Through ISM Website
Date: Saturday Jan 17

I am writing to make a request for a good friend from Gaza that I have known for 5 years now (Amer Shurrab, Seeds of Peace ’99, UWCAD ’01–03, Middlebury College ‘08.5). He just found out his father and two brothers were attacked while returning home from their farm during the 3-hr ceasefire. One brother (Kassab Shurrab) died, but the father (Mohammed Shurrab -64) and the remaining brother (Ibrahim-17) are now wounded and stranded in an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) controlled area. It’s been 16 hours and emergency services are unable to reach them.

The ambulances cannot travel there without permission from the IDF, and local aid groups claim that soldiers are blocking their access. We have spoken with the local Red Cross in Khan Yunis and they have been trying to get the IDF’s permission to get to the family, but have not been allowed. What we are asking, is if you could help by using any of your contacts (in the area and/or region, with NGOs, HR groups,media, etc), to bring attention and pressure in order to get permission for the ambulances to save two lives. We are very desperate and trying as many avenues as possible to help aid reach them. If you know even a foot soldier who might be able to push the ball by calling a local commander we would really appreciate any help. His father and brother are located at: In front of Supermarket Abu Zidan El-Najar El Fukhari (neighbourhood) Khan Yunis (town) Gaza We truly appreciate any help at this time, thank you for your time.

Subject: RE: Help Request Through ISM Website
Date: Sunday Jan 18

Dear friends,

This is a terrible situation and there are so many similar ones from what I have heard in the last days. I am so very sorry about Kassab. I have been volunteering with the Red Crescent and infuriatingly we cannot move without Red Cross co-ordination, which Israel rarely agrees to. (Already about 11 medics have been killed when they tried to rescue the wounded.) The day before yesterday we tried to get permission from Isreal to collect wounded from Khan Younis and they refused.

We as ISMers offered to try to go into areas like this by ourselves, just walking in to try to get to people with stretchers, but the Ministry of Health did not feel able to agree to let us do this.

Now I am hoping greatly that today after the ceasefire your relatives have been collected by ambulances, because in our area (Zaytoun) we were able to go into areas that before we were not allowed.

If that is not the case, please phone me, I have no idea what I can do but I will try at least to find out information if you cannot. You must be terribly worried and I am so sorry.

I am CCing Angela from ICAHD who knows about how to contact Israeli forces. But I am still hoping that today your relatives were collected safely.

My number is…

Subject: RE: Help Request Through ISM Website
Date: Sunday Jan 18

Thank you for ur email and all your help. Help reached them during the ceasefire on saturday,24 hrs later. ibrahim 18 has passed away during that time, the father is at the european hospital now in khan younis.
Again, we thank you, and we are very sorry for the losses all aid groups endured. Plz let me know if u need more information. We are thankful for everything.

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