Jan 20: How to comprehend this?


I have just come from Jabalia, and I have no words. I do however have pictures. These came from the Azbet area, and cover a space that would take 15 minutes at a brisk walk. But the devestation stretches as far as the eye can see. The estimate is 6-8000 houses in Gaza damaged, and 5000 completely destroyed.




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9 Responses to Jan 20: How to comprehend this?

  1. daniel says:

    does anyone know who the best group may be to raise money for to help with supporting those in gaza right now? so many must be without homes…food…drinking water…
    The Red Cross? MAP? Is there anyone more direct than these?
    Who do you reckon?

  2. Fiona says:

    I donated to UNRWA.

  3. Lizette Tejada says:

    I’m stunned. Especially by the photos of children who still manage to smile through the destruction. My husband was also in ISM and spoke often of the beautiful spirit of the Palestinians, especially the children. I can see through these pics that the light in their eyes has not been lost. Prayers every night for Gaza and its wonderful children. Love, Lizette

  4. Linda J says:

    ditto on the kids. i hope they can give each other enough strength to get through. words fail me.

  5. Tom says:

    Whilst UNRWA are clearly doing good work, their ongoing costs will be met by donations from governments and the big INternational Organizations. Kuwait for example just pledged $34m direct to UNRWA, the Saudis are providing $1bn for reconstruction.

    Smaller organizations, the ISM is a good example, find it harder to attract funds from these kind of organizations and so they are far more reliant on public donations.

    Personally, I would suggest donating to a small outfit who will not get the money from elsewhere. Perhaps the blogger could suggest groups or projects that she is aware of?

  6. kim says:

    you might also want to contact the ICAHD (israeli comittee against house demolitions) – not only do they non-violently oppose house demolitions, but they rebuild them, too. i’m not sure how much reconstruction they will undertake in gaza (or how much they can) but they would be a good, smaller organization to donate to or would direct you to somewhere else if you asked. 🙂

  7. I really am shocked by the sheer scale of the destruction! The children do shine with hope though, which is a good sign.
    I struggle to understand how anyone with humanity could try to justify carrying out what Israel have been doing over the past few weeks, yet they do still try…
    My thoughts are with the people of Gaza.

  8. pamela says:

    When it comes to reconstruction , I,ve heard the Abbas wants to control the money that has been promised , I also heard that Hamas said give us the materials and wages for the workers and we willbuild Gaza, I wouldn,t trust Abbas and his cronies , they will pocket most of the money .Hamas,s idea would be better , if they are allowed to do it .

  9. Helen B says:

    As regards to where to send money, all the suggestions are good; locally, we are thinking about a possible twining project, either with a community or with a particular project (school, community project, hospital) as we feel this will give local people something tanglible to donate to and also build links between our city and the people of Gaza.

    Local PSC goups and others will have ideas for who to twin with and working with trade unions and student groups would be useful too.

    Check out the occupation of Birmingham University (UK), which calls for twining with the University of Ramallah to send practical help.

    Much love to you, my blogger friend and to all who show solidarity in the these desperate times.

    helen b

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