A chance to breathe…

…people are out on the streets. Some shops are open. I have so much I want to write for you, and I’m just too tired and have no concentration. Somehow it’s got to be 11pm already, so I think maybe I should go and sleep. But then there will just be more to write about tomorrow… the world just keeps turning, huh. I want to convey some of the cautious hope I am seeing. But instead it seems like the enormity of these last days has hit me.

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4 Responses to A chance to breathe…

  1. Hils says:

    Sending all our rage and tears and strength and love from Hils and from Sheffield PSC. Your words and those of others from Gaza have meant so much over the last weeks and helped to keep our focus here on what we need to do. Last Saturday, our 3rd local demo in less than 3 weeks, saw just as many people out on the streets and protests in Rotherham and Doncaster too.
    the challenge for us all now in the West is to make sure all thes people don’t go back to their homes and forget about Gaza.
    Hils xx

  2. kim says:

    …time to take care of you. 🙂 sleep, eat, get healthy, and i look forward to future posts (especially if they’re even cautiously hopeful…). thanks again for all you have been doing, saying, reporting…

  3. pamela says:

    you deserve a good rest , take care of yourself looking forward to hearing from you again , god bless,Pamela

  4. lily says:

    hey thanks for everything you are all doing. i cannot imagine all the things you have gone through in these last few weeks. you are so strong! please do give yourself a break when u can. we are keeping up the pressure so don’t worry! xx thankyou

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