Jan 18: at the Samouni house

Flattened Samouni home, Zaytoun

Flattened Samouni home, Zaytoun

The planes are still buzzing overhead, but there have been no explosions near me today. However this supposed ceasefire from Israeli’s side since 2am does not seem to have extended to Beit Hanoun, where there was shelling this morning and F16s were attacking. 

You can see 4 video clips I took during the attacks on the Al Quds hospital and local people, at on the ISM website here, including my medic mates rescuing Jasmeen after she’d seen her sister and dad shot. 

This morning the Al Quds Red Crescent headed out to Zaytoun, to the area we had a few approved evacuations and far more refused ones. Local people had begun excavating the rubble of the Sammouni house. You remember we heard some of their story before. I helped correct the English of some of the testimonies from the survivors that the Red Crescent was collecting. One of the more vivid images was one of the trapped and injured children describing the only food being tomatoes covered in the blood of his family, and having to sleep on their corpses amidst the rubble for 3 days.  My nurse friend R at the hospital said treating one of the children that they got out to Al Quds was the first time she couldn’t help but cry. He was begging her for food and water which she had to deny him until his injuries were assessed. 

you can see more at




List of the lost

List of the lost

Anyway, today we arrived in the devestated Zaytoun area, where medics, friends and family began to remove the bodies of the Samounis from a hole in the roof of their flattened home. During the hour we were there, they brought up a body every ten minutes, 7 total, and I believe locals brought up at least two more after the Red Cross told us to take those we had to Al Shifa and withdraw, as a further army incursion threatened. A relative was clutching a list of 25 names of the dead. 

Friends and family dig for the dead

Friends and family dig for the dead

Hand among rubble beneath Samouni house

Hand among rubble beneath Samouni house

Samouni shaheed

Samouni shaheed

Samouni shaheed
Samouni shaheed

Samouni shaheed

Samouni neighbours

Samouni neighbours

Zaytoun house

Zaytoun house

coming home to find out what is left

Zaytoun: coming home to find out what is left

Medic team in Zaytoun

Medic team in Zaytoun

Meanwhile, THANK YOU Brighton and friends for the direct action on EDO weapons manufacterers – see a series of short clips on Youtube, here and here.

“ITT/EDO MBM arms factory in Moulescombe, Brighton which supplies Israel has been wrecked by activists campaigning against war. Swords into waste skips at least. Prior to entering the factory, the activists made a video (attached) in which they explained their reasons for the action. One commented: “Israel are committing a gross crime now in Gaza. Israel have killed hundreds of children…”

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8 Responses to Jan 18: at the Samouni house

  1. Chris says:

    Hi. I’m a friend of Damien from Manchester. He told me about your blog.

    I’m a Consultant Emergency Physician in the UK and I would like to come over to help. I have been in contact with RC, MSF and Islamic Relief but haven’t yet been able to arrange anything.

    I saw a video in which a doctor in Gaza said that supplies were needed but doctors were not so I want to find out if I would be of use. Also, I want to make contact with medical agencies over there before I go.

    If you might be able to help me with information and/or contacts could you get your contact details to Damien? He has my email and phone number.

    Thanks, and good luck over there.

  2. sadie says:

    I’ve been reading your posts and I just want to express my deep gratitude to you. Thank you for all of your work on behalf of the people of palestine, and on the behalf of justice and peace in this world. you are in my heart.

  3. pamela says:

    I saw the people digging for their friends and neighbours on AlJazeerah, and the heartbeaking story of the children , the little boy said they nothing to eat except tomatoes and they were covered in blood.
    There must be many more bodies under the rest of the rubble, there has to be justice for the victims , because if the Gazans are forgotton there will be no where safe for anyone in the world , today its the Palestinians ..tomorrow it could be anywhere if the guilty arn,t punished .
    Glad to hear the people of Manchester are helping , I,m originally from Ashton .
    Keep strong and keep safe , you are in our prayers , regards to the brave people of Gaza , bless you , Pamela

  4. i-gordiy says:

    Poor peolple. So many bodies.

  5. Κostas says:

    My name is Kostas. I am 18 years old and i just started to realise what means war… Unfortunately the news here are not intersted for those people and children that are getting murdered every day… So it is realy hard to find an imformation about what is going on down there. i am realy glad that i managed to find ur site from the magazine “E”. I hope that this ceasefire is going to last… Good luck.

  6. cep forum says:

    :(:(:(:(:( very bad

  7. Rowena Tollitt says:

    Are the children now orphans? Is there any organisation which is taking care of the children? Is there any way to be in contact with people who are caring for the children to see what can be done to help? Thanks. Rowena

    • talestotell says:

      hi Rowena
      Palestinians have very big extended families – partly because generation after generation have faced multiple deaths – so you can actually lose more than 20 family members and there will still be someone to take you in. But I don’t know exactly the situation for the Samouni kids and I will try to find out for you. We are asking our Islamic Relief contact about projects/plans for orphans too. Will get back to you, and if I don’t, email me.

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