Sun 11: Watching the phosphorous fall

From Ramattan window, 4pm - over Jabalia

From Ramattan window, 4pm - over Jabalia

I am again at Ramattan watching these wierd phospherous bombs falling on the city.

“There were indications last night that Palestinian civilians have been injured by the bombs, which burn intensely. Hassan Khalass, a doctor at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, told The Times that he had been dealing with patients who he suspected had been burnt by white phosphorus. Muhammad Azayzeh, 28, an emergency medical technician in the city, said: “The burns are very unusual. They don’t look like burns we have normally seen. They are third-level burns that we can’t seem to control.”

Victims with embedded WP particles in their flesh have to have the affected areas flushed with water. Particles that cannot be removed with tweezers are covered with a saline-soaked dressing.

Nafez Abu Shaban, the head of the burns unit at al-Shifa hospital, said: “I am not familiar with phosphorus but many of the patients wounded in the past weeks have strange burns. They are very deep and not like burns we used to see.”
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“The Geneva Treaty of 1980 stipulates that white phosphorus should not be used as a weapon of war in civilian areas, but there is no blanket ban under international law on its use as a smokescreen or for illumination. However, Charles Heyman, a military expert and former major in the British Army, said: “If white phosphorus was deliberately fired at a crowd of people someone would end up in The Hague. White phosphorus is also a terror weapon. The descending blobs of phosphorus will burn when in contact with skin.”
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Footage here:

Mo has just been speaking to his sister, his family were receiving the phosphorous bombs all night last night, in Khuza’a, east of Khan Younis, she said the bombs smell like sewerage. She said just in their area there were 110 injuries from the phosphorous. Today they fled their house and went to relatives. We called the Ministry of Health to ask if they have analysed the substances involved, but they said that unfortunately they simply don’t have the resources to do so and have to wait on outside confirmation.

Sniper shots to Jabalia ambulance

Sniper shots to Jabalia ambulance

Shot fired at ambulance

Shot fired at ambulance

Osama from the Jabalia medics appeared briefly yesterday at Al Quds, with an ambulance with bullet holes in. It had been shot at by an Israeli sniper apparently on Friday between 1.30 and 2pm, and had to turn back without reaching its call-out. Five shots were fired, Osama said.

“Please take care of yourselves,” I said to him.
“If we die, it’s ok.” he said. “What will be left? I think no-one will help us.”

Apartments targetted by rocket in Shayjaiee area

Apartments targetted by rocket in Shayjaiee area

People fleeing past Al Quds hospital

People fleeing past Al Quds hospital

Last night I stayed near Al Quds but at a friend’s house – they have no water. It was another night of heavy shelling, with shells falling near the hospital, constant rockets, and Apache shooting. By the early hours of the morning there was shooting between the Israeli army and the Palestinian resistance very near, so that local people were coming to take refuge in the hospital. They left in the morning, but a steady stream of people, escaping their houses near the fighting, began to trickle past Al Quds.

The Israeli army refused the Red Cross permission for more evacuations from Zaytoun and other cut-off areas yesterday and today.

I went home to get my things so that if we in the hospital are cut off by the army, I’ll have most of what I need. This could happen tonight, or this whole thing could drag on for days…

Dr Halid has managed to get to his family in Khan Younis, the first time he has seen them since their house fell down around them. He will try to get back as soon as possible since now Al Quds ICU has only one staff nurse running it. The little boy who he was caring for the other night when I posted died several hours later. His place has been filled by another explosion victim.

Referring to the shooting of medic Hassan Al Attal, you can see the footage ISMers took here.

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12 Responses to Sun 11: Watching the phosphorous fall

  1. William Gibb says:

    My heart goes out to all who suffer and congratulate all who expose this tragedy to the world. All nations have an obligation to halt cruel and inhumane treatment of our fellow humans, unfortunately Politics and Religion have reared their ugly heads and all suffer as a result. and Canadian Action Party are trying to educate and raise awareness of the perils which we are facing. Peace and Love.

  2. Tony says:

    Even today, Israel is still denying that it is using WP. Let’s hope that this growing pile of evidence leads to their being made to pay for this.

    Thanks for everything you’re doing out there

  3. Jose says:

    “I am only one, but still I am one.
    I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
    And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”
    ~ Helen Keller

  4. taak finn says:

    Hey friend-of-a-friend,
    you are doing incredible work, both blog-wise and on the streets. Stay strong, and try to play some tetris when you come back.

  5. pamela says:

    looking at these “bombs”reminds me of the film “War of the Worlds”, whatever they are its shows that the Israels are inhuman, no matter how much they say they are a humane society, today on an Arabic channel the I sraeli soldiers were dancing at the Gaza border, disgusting specimins…
    The bloody traitor Mubarak has given permission for Israeli flights over Egyptian territory, to carry on the bombing .The foreign minister of Qatar went on TV to say he knows that Egypt and Saudi Arabia conspired with Israel to finish off Hamas, the Saudis are backing them financially and the Egyptians are making sure the Gazans are weakened , I,m glad Syria has no relations with either of these traitors…

  6. Louise says:

    Al Jazeera English has been reporting on the ‘alleged’ use of white phosphorous by the Israelis:

    Israeli army ‘using white phosphorus’ – 12 Jan 08
    Human rights groups say Israel is indiscriminately using white phosphorus in Gaza’s densely populated areas. When ignited, the chemical can burn the flesh off of a person, down to the bone. Israel says the use of white phosphorus is permitted under international law, although it hasn’t openly admitted using the chemical.
    Ayman Mohyeldin* reports from Gaza City.

    Israel accused of using white phosphorus in Gaza – 11 Jan 09
    Human rights groups have expressed concern that a highly flammable weapon used by Israel could be causing additional casualties among civilians in Gaza.
    Al Jazeera’s Tom Ackerman* examines the controversy surrounding white phosphorus munitions.

    *Ayman Mohyeldin is based in and reporting from the Gaza Strip; Tom Ackerman is based in the US.

    More coverage from Gaza, Israel, Egypt and rest of the region and around the world from can be found at:

  7. Tracey Keith says:

    Israel and the USA are no more than terrorist nations. which one is in control?
    what sort of people hide behind religon to pratice aparthiad, steal land, murder at will and burn children with phoshorus?

  8. Rachel says:

    I’ve just found out about your work through an article this week in Big Issue, you are doing amazing work in the most appalling of circumstances. Lots of people are so angry about what is happening in Gaza, the governments of the world may not be doing anything but many people are with you in spirit, we are thinking of you,

  9. Maya Rasheed says:

    War is always sad. One of my class mates in my english class is in palestine now and his car was detroyed and his house shellled. He want to go to america but he cant get a visa now.

  10. maldivesresortworkers says:

    The 1000 mark has passed. The world is watching while innocent people of Gaza are becoming numbers. The worst crime against humanity seems to have been the creation of this terrorist country called Israel.

  11. Peter Larson says:

    Thank you so much for this blog and for all those who are bringing us the truth of what’s happening in Gaza. We need you desperately in the US.

    Please let Palestinian friends that many. many Americans care and are disgusted by this crime against them. We are in the street and demanding our members of Congress wake up and stop being intimidated by Israel.

  12. ninemoonjupe says:

    The UN warehouse was hit by white phosphorus, the Red Crescent hospital was hit with bombs, there are excuses flying as fast as these bombs. When the Israelis have the exact GPS coordinates for every NGO in the Gaza Strip as well as Gaza City, there are no excuses for this.
    The casualties here are 100 to 1, with civilians and children being the highest part of the totals in Gaza. Obviously there is a slant to the news, as every reporter, every news service has a natural bias, but this has gone well beyond that to become a shame.

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