Wed Jan 7: Medic Hassan Al Attal shot

Do you remember I was working with Hassan the other day and he was telling me how he couldn’t get home, and how worried his wife was about him? Today he was shot by an Israeli sniper. You can see the footage ISMers took here.

A just got back from the scene and he describes events as follows:

“At 13.10 Jabalia Red Crescent got a call out to Zemmo, east of Jabalia refugee camp, very near where the Red Cresecent centre was that we had to evacuate the first night of the land incursion. Two medics, including Hassan, a driver, plus E and I went.

People on the street directed us ahead, saying it was a “shaheed” (dead) civilian further up the street that we had been called to. We continued on and located the body. The two medics got out and put the shaheed on the stretcher, but while covering the 5-6 metres to the van, 13 shots were fired in our direction. One hit the ambulance. One went all the way through Hassan’s upper thigh. The medics had to leave both shaheed and stretcher to get into the van, and shooting continued as the ambulance pulled away. One of the medics speculated the sniper may actually have been firing from the Jabalia Red Crescent centre.”

A filmed the event and E took stills. A has uploaded his footage to satelite via Ramattan, where it is available for free use. ISM are press releasing.

I have to go now to my ambulance shift, so I didn’t write what I wanted to for you yet, but I hope to have some time to do it there and some way to upload… and Hassan is at Al Quds hospital, so I am really wanting to see him.

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5 Responses to Wed Jan 7: Medic Hassan Al Attal shot

  1. pamela says:

    I hope Hassan is recovering Thank God it wasn,t worse, keep safe , tell Hassan we are thinking of him

  2. pamela says:

    I,ve just seen the footage on AlJazeerah, let the Israelis deny they were targetting an ambulance, it was quite clear that you were medical staff, a precious piece of evidence!!!Keep safe and best wishes to Hassan

  3. Anon. says:

    This is despicable, terrible. And I notice that you said ‘sniper’, who will have been able to see clearly who he was aiming at through his scope. They can’t even claim that it was something as ‘indiscriminate’ and ‘unguided’ as a shell. And then of course you’ve got them claiming some Hamas guys were firing from the school they shelled.

    This is just sick. Sick, sick, sick. Terrible.

    I hope Hassan has not sustained any permanent injury – or worse… Through the upper thigh sounds nasty.

  4. Lisa says:

    You have our deepest sympathy, something must be done to stop this. The news reports that are sown on our television screens every day do not tell us the truth about what is happening!!!

  5. Sibilla says:

    Free Gaza – Free Palestine

    رسالة وزير الخارجية اليونانى السابق للسفير الإسرائيلي. حيث تعودوا إرسال هدايا رأس السنة لكل من مر بوزارة الخارجية من وزراء

    Theodoros Pangalos, Member of Parliament (Greece), is a big Greek socialist, returned gift and thanked the Ambassador of Israel…

    Stop genocide Israel Nazis – Free Gaza – Intifada. Athens 29 December 2008: Embassy of Israel – Athens

    Down the flag of Nazis israel in the embassy in Athens. Tolta la bandiera dal abasciata dei nazisti israeliani ad Atene

    Athens 29 December 2008: Embassy of Israel – Athens

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