ALERT 1.30pm Jan 4

We have reports that Jawahl telephone service may have to shut down soon due to the electricity problem. If this happens we, and Palestinians, will have little way to contact emergency services, each other, or the outside world. If you want to interview us, phone now and keep trying til you get on.

We also understand that the Israeli army may attempt to partition and isolate sections of Gaza from each other, as it has with the West Bank. I and several colleagues will head back to Jabalia tonight to continue to ride with medical workers, others are in other areas. If this shutdown occurs we may no longer be able to access internet to make reports. The best (though not great) chance of getting information will then be via ISM in the West Bank, please check the website for the latest info.

(I am working on last night’s report now to be posted in the next hours.)

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4 Responses to ALERT 1.30pm Jan 4

  1. Annwen says:

    Just want to send my love out to you and other ISM folks who’ve made the decision to stay in Gaza and are doing amazing work, and to all your Palestinian friends who don’t necessarily have the choice. Thinking of you all, stay as safe as you can x x

  2. These stories are astonishing. Thank you for posting them and giving the world a different insight; I’ve been pointing whoever I can at your blog.

  3. Anon says:

    I’m praying that you guys don’t become cut off or separated/partitioned! I’m praying for all of you! Please tell everyone you come in contact with that the whole world is praying for them and wishes to help them but the IDFs and the Israeli gov’t won’t allow it!

  4. moshe says:

    Stop the propaganda against israel,and tell the word the truth about islam.God bless israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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