From the Kabariti kids

I’ve been asked to send some messages to a couple of the worldwide rallies on Saturday (yay!), and decided that I would much prefer to let Palestinians speak for themselves, especially some of the 50% of Gaza’s population who are under 18 years old. (If you can only remember one statistic, that’s the one you want.) I slept last night in a sea of blankets with the Kabariti girls, and thank goodness, there were less attacks on the port than the night before and they could get a little sleep. They have provided me with very neatly written messages to you, which I promised would be on this page before their bedtime. So here you go:

From Suzanne, 15 (in English):

“The life in Gaza is very difficult. Actually we can’t describe everything. We can’t sleep, we can’t go to school and study. We feel a lot of feelings, sometimes we feel afraid and worry because the planes and the ships, they hit 24 hours. Sometimes we feel bored because there is no electricity during the day, and in the night, it is coming just four hours and when it comes we are watching the news on TV. And we see kids and women who are injured and dead. So we live in the siege and war.”

From Fatma, 13 (in English):

“It was the hardest week in our life. In the first day we were in school, having the final exam of the first term, then the explosions started, many students were killed and injured, and the others surely lost a relative or a neighbour. There is no electricity, no food, no bread. What can we do – it’s the Israelis! All the people in the world celebrated the new year, we also celebrate but in a different way.”

From Sara, 11 (in Arabic, translated by Habeeb, 18):

“Gaza is living in a siege, like a big jail: no water, no electric power. People feel afraid, don’t sleep at night, and every day more people are killed. Until now, more than 400 are killed and more than 2000 injured. And students had their final first term exams, so Israel hit the Ministry of Education, and a lot of ministries. Every day people are asking when will it end, and they are waiting for more activist ships like the Dignity.”

From Darween, 8 (in English):

“I am a Palestinian kid
I won’t leave my country
so I will have lots of advantages
because I won’t leave my country
and I hear a sound of rockets
so I won’t leave my country.”

Meriam is four. Her siblings asked her, “what do you feel when you hear the rockets?” And she said, “I feel afraid!”

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7 Responses to From the Kabariti kids

  1. fleabite says:

    Please tell them we will get their words out. I’m sending them to the organisers of the Glasgow demo. People here are slowly waking up to the horror, the injustice and the lies and hearing their words helps so much. We are so angry here in Glasgow. People who never normally care about politics say they’re going to come on the demo tomorrow. Its a slow hard struggle trying to get our Government to stop supporting Israel but we will try. We will keep trying because of what you, eloquent, intelligent, beautiful children of Gaza are going through. Because nothing we have to do is as hard as just surviving is for you.

    Please try to keep your hope. Insha’allah there will be peace and justice soon.

    With much love to you in Gaza from a Scottish Jew.

  2. Najla Switzer says:

    I am disgusted with what is, and has, been going on between Israel and Palestinians. I will never understand how anyone thought it was fair to throw the Palestinians out of their home and make Israel in the first place. Ok, so the Jews wanted their own homeland, but uhmm… It still is not right to toss other people out who have been there for centuries. And then to get support for what they are doing right now is the epitome in rediculousness. It is genocide pure and simple. They are bombing and killing children and women and men who have nothing to do with the bombs. I am very sure that the damage Hamas has done pales in comparison to the destruction and death the Israelis have rained down on the innocents in the Gaza Strip.

    I remember the outcry of condemnation when the students were slaughtered in Tianamon Square. Rocks and firebottles against tanks and automatic weaponry. It is pretty much the same thing now!


    Any country that helps and condones this is just as guilty. Take Note United States! I for one do not feel like fearing for my life because my government continue’s to support ‘Legal Terrorism and Slaughter of Innocents”

  3. Tony Greenstein says:

    Yes I am helping organise a demonstration in Brighton on the South Coast of England, UK. There is a lot of support for you among ordinary people. It’s just the elites – whether in the USA, Britain or the Arab countries – who support the Zionists. I too am Jewish but oppose the Nazi-style terror of the Israeli government.

  4. Klawd says:

    We here in Glasgow, Scotland are sending our love to everyone. Today Glasgow had a demonstration and raised money and awareness of the holocaust by the Israelis. Tomorrow there is a ‘Die In’ in Glasgow where people will bring white sheets with red dye to signify blood of the Gazans. Free Palestine, from the river to the sea Palestine will be FREE.
    Stay safe

  5. Clare says:

    Please give lots of love to the kids, and thank you for their messages and insight into life in Gaza. I hope you and they are all OK. We have been hearing terrible things on the news this evening. I seem to have noticed though that in the last two days TV and radio reports are now more sympathetic to Palestinian points of view – finally a good interview on the longer history of the conflict and why it’s happening this morning.

    The vigil in Lancaster, England, last week received good support from passers by.

    Many many best wishes

  6. habeeb kabariti says:

    thanks every body,
    we hope all the world will wake up to see the crimes of israel here in gaza, ” more than 50% from the killed people are children and women” and most of the others are civillian men.

    habeeb kabariti

  7. Lana Kabariti says:

    I am sorry about everything that is going on over there!!! We are in the US and I can even begin to imagine what is going over there. Please stay strong and please stay safe!!!

    Lana Kabariti

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