Babies in the Basement

Here are three of the babies in the Jabalia house basement. Their mamas are too shy to be on the web, but they’d like you to meet their children…

A, just walking

A, just walking

H, always smiling

H, always smiling

1 month old

1 month old

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5 Responses to Babies in the Basement

  1. Jane Jewell says:

    They are all sweethearts!

  2. Linda J says:

    Thank you for being there.

    We’re trying in the U.S. to turn the great media wheel in a more true direction. Blogs like yours really help.

    Linda in Seattle

  3. Naseem says:

    We are all thinking of the Palestinian people and praying that Allah gives you all the strength to get through this bad time and elevates you in the next life. We are lobbying our MPs and government to express our disgust at the international community to allow such a monstrosity to happen.

  4. Gin2 says:

    I have a baby also and probably she has same age with one on the latest pic. I can’t imagine if such situation happen to me. Secure the babies please.. The babies will keep the story to tell in future about how the world is unfair to them and wished to become some of people who will become the speakers of peace and justice. God will hear you if human won’t. Salam from Indonesia.

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