Dec 29: Attacks last night

This will be hurried as very short collision of internet, electricity, and me, before we have to head for our night time locations before dark.

Last night my group went to Al Awda hospital in order to be in the Jabalia region in case of incursion. One of the targets bombed by Apaches was a mosque near us; the next door shop and house were also destroyed, the rubble collapsing on top of the six daughters of the Belusha family.

E documents rubble of Belusha home

E documents rubble of Belusha home

I watched live footage as they tried to extract the single traumatised little girl who survived. The others were dead. We visited the site this morning, catching a ride back to Gaza city with a driver whose eyes were full of tears.

Belusha home behind green doors, next to Mosque

Belusha home behind green doors, next to Mosque

In Gaza I went to see the Kabariti family in the port area, who you will recall hosted us for Christmas Eve. They confirmed the entire Gaza coast was shelled all night from about 1am, with the shells apparently coming from Israeli ships too far out at sea to be visible. We could see this happening from the top of Al Awda hospital, counting 14 shells in a row at one point to the little port where the Dignity docks. Any boats linked to the government were bombed, as well as several which weren’t, including that belonging to human rights defender Dr Eyyad Saraj. When the extinguisher boat tried to put out resulting fires, it was bombed. The port offices were bombed.

The Kabariti family, whose 6 children range from 4 to 18 years old, had spent a frightened night and appeared exhausted. As they talked to me this morning, another missile hit the port across the road. I had not seen the family since the strikes began on Saturday; I spoke to their oldest son and daughter who described being at Karmel High School when rockets hit the building in the initial strikes. H said he had stayed outside the gate for a last 5 minutes studying for his exam, thus avoiding injury when this happened. Now he doesn’t know if the exams will even happen.

The children told me their 11 year old cousin had to carry an injured kindergarten child to the hospital when Al Wahda school was hit at the same time. The children’s mother R is worried about her parents; they live above a money exchange and the rumour is these will be targetted next; this has happened twice before in past Israeli attacks. They told me that in another area of Gaza a medical supplies storage building was bombed and the gas station next door to it exploded.

EJ and Mo visited the Islamic University which had 6 rockets dropped on it by F16s at around midnight; the five-story Women’s Building (in which I had attended some Midwifery degree classes), and the Science and Engineering Laboratories are now mostly rubble. The damage extended to the neighbouring Al Azhar University.

Please bear in mind that these are only a number of the multiple hits that have occurred, they are just the ones I have been made aware of in a hectic day.

Tonight we are going to the same regional locations as last night. We have several arrangements to ride with ambulances visibly in case of incursion.

Thank you so much for all your messages of support, demonstrations and actions and media work. I am so sorry I can’t reply individually to such supportive emails.

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4 Responses to Dec 29: Attacks last night

  1. fleabite says:

    Please keep yourself safe and keep documenting and posting. I’m doing a local radio interview tomorrow morning and making notes from your posts to say.

    To others reading this – try contacting your local radio stations and telling them you have friends in Gaza. They are really keen to have local interest. Stress human interest stuff – how you are worried about your friend, individual stories she has told you such as the 11 year old boy having to carry a nursery school pupil, the 6 daughters etc. Local papers will probably take letters written from you too.

    And put a link to this blog in your facebook status update etc.

  2. fleabite says:

    ok I just did my radio interview. I talked about the 6 daughters, and the pharmacy. I corrected them when they said that it was Government buildings being attacked and said that included schools and medical supplies etc.

    I couldn’t have done the interview if it wasn’t for your blog. I’m going to try and do more. I’m forwarding this URL to everyone I know. Someone who’s never met you has put the link in their facebook status. Its so incredibly valuable that you are there. Its making a huge difference to our ability to tell others what’s going on, to share and build outrage at the attacks. I know its not enough. I know the attacks are continuing. But at least its not a secret. At least there are internationals there to report.

    Please keep yourselves safe and keep posting.


  3. intelekshual says:

    Thank you so much for sharing what’s happening there. If individuals such as yourself don’t share their experiences and what they’ve witnessed, we have no way of knowing any truths about the situation.

  4. Acme Tat says:


    Good to hear that people are being helped by u being there. £4500 of olive oil, olives and dates got sold down in the West Country last month. And just got pics from OJ in gaza.

    everyone is rooting for you and I might have way of sending funds if you need them. I’ll email your friend up North about it.

    warm regards

    Fuck shit up to sort shit out.

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