Dec 28: Tonight’s plans

8.05pm. Explosions begin again near to us and Al Shifa hospital here in Gaza city…

The Rafah three are there continuing to document; we have heard that Palestinians have got through the border to Egypt, and it has been confirmed that Egyptian forces are shooting at them. We have heard also that 12 lorries of aid came through into Gaza. F was speculating Palestinians would try to take the wall down again.

Israeli tanks are massing at Rafah and also at Beit Hanoun. EJ and M have gone to our contacts in Beit Hanoun for the night. On the way, they witnessed rocket attacks in the Jabalia region on a car painting factory and a metal factory.

E, V, A and I are hoping to arrange to travel in pairs with two Ramatan vans to whatever happens, for documentation, but also shifting into high visibility as internationals if there is an incursion – could include being with families or riding with ambulances, for example. If there is an incursion into Jabalia (no tanks there yet but it was an entry point in March) then E and I at least will try to reach the family we stayed with last night as their house was occupied in March.

V’s and my blogs were quoted in a national Italian newspaper today, with the result that I had 1,300 hits of my blog today and V had 1,500. But give me a couple more hours and I might beat him 🙂 Seriously though, as a new blogger I am overwhelmed to be visited by so many Italian comrades – welcome.

My phone is ringing constantly for press interviews. Maybe the world is finally beginning to listen. I hope so, because we are very much afraid things are going to get worse.

Depending on tonight’s events, some of us will take emergency first aid training in Al Shifa hospital early tomorrow in case of further floods of injured folks, and then possibly ride with the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees mobile clinics, which have turned into extra emergency services, if they would like us.

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8 Responses to Dec 28: Tonight’s plans

  1. michael says:

    i would like to go to Gaza myself and help – how can i do this your blog has inspired me

    • talestotell says:

      have a look at my links! start with west bank is my recommendation via ISM. They need anyone who can still get in which I can’t.

  2. Enrico says:

    Go ahead with your job gurl!!! I wish people in the whole world undestand what’s really happening there.
    I’m thinking to pack my baggage and go there to give you an helping hand.

  3. Alfredo says:

    Good luck. Read about you in Repubblica website. Very brave. Hope EU makes pressure on Israel to stop, America only encourage Israel for more killing.

  4. Rob says:

    Good Luck. The world is watching.

  5. Meead says:

    Hello and peace with you!

  6. daniele says:

    It is funny to see that you never mention that Israelis children of ashkelon and ashdod live in this situation from months!!! Why the so good hamas leaders did not invest all the money they received in facilities, hospitals and food rather than in weapons?!

  7. Fabio says:

    You’ve all got my fullest support from Italy. Reach me at the email addy I’ve given if you need.

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